Destroy What Destroys You.

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Sorry about the lack of posts.
I purchased a Capture Card about a week ago and have been waiting for it to come in before I continue with further updates.
Thanks for watching. <3 


[ B I N T H U : Cerberus Research ]

About a month ago, we took the Normandy in to follow a distress call on the  surface of Edolus.

The beacon was a trap; set right on top of a Thresher Maw nest.
Admiral Kahoku’s men were the first ones to find out.

After taking care of the Thresher Maw and disposing of the beacon, I had to tell Admiral Kahoku what happened.
I offered to help contact the families, but he said he could take care of it himself.

That was about a month ago.

Last night, I got garbled message from the Admiral again.
He sounded really panicked, frightened… Not the way he normally sounded.
He said that the Human Right’s Group Cerberus was behind the trap and that they were after him.

He sent me the coordinates of these research facilities on Binthu to follow up.
I tried to contact him this morning, but there was no reply.
Its not that big of a surprise if he’s going into hiding.. 

.. I just…

I have a weird feeling about this.

I’ve heard about Cerberus.
I’ve watched the vids, read the documentaries, listened to the propaganda.
It doesn’t make sense that they would go out of their way to hurt humans if they’re so gung-ho about us being the dominant race.

Maybe the marines were just.. unforeseen, uncalculated casualties..

I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m headed to those research facilities now to get some answers. 


Right, so we cleaned house.
As expected.
But something kind of weird happened…

Tali couldn’t really give me a good explanation behind the song.
She seemed more confused as to why the Geth had it playing to begin with. 



Hackett sent us a message regarding some Geth outposts.

There were multiple set up on four planets between four separate systems.

We decided to play it safe and wipe them out.
If they’re planning on invading, we’re going to make sure their numbers are limited.

The first planet we hit was Rayingri, followed with Antibaat, then Casbin and we cleaned up on Maji last.

There is still a signal being broadcasted in the local system.
We need to find its source and take it out, pronto. 


[ E L E T A N I A : Crashed Probe ]


We managed to locate the crashed probe and recover the module.

And after searching countless Pyjaks, we finally found it.

Good thing these damn monkeys are cute.





Ugh…. so..

… fuck…

… I touched the orb..



We’ve made a slight detour from the downed Recon Probe.
I wanted to uh.. look around.

SHHHH— Wrex! We did not get lost! 
It was navigational error, right Garrus?!
What?! Pilot error, my ass!

Anyway. Thanks to my SCENIC ROUTE, we stumbled upon some sort of floating orb.
Liara says it is Prothean.
That probably means I shouldn’t touch it.



After a short, but well deserved rest, we’re making our way to Feros.
Its our only creditable lead at this point.

We’re making a pitstop here on Eletania first.
Its an amazing planet.
We ran a quick scan of the surface to find what we were looking for and discovered that it has a toxic atmosphere.
Something about inhaling symbiotic creatures that cause anaphylaxis.


"Oh, you don’t remember me, Shepard?"
"You assume I give a damn. That’s cute." 


Low and behold; someone stole the nuke with the knowledge that it was a nuke.

This guy’s name is Elanos Haliat.
He was behind the Skyllian Blitz.
He’s got a beef with me.

Unfortunately for him, the feelings are mutual.